What are micro bead hair extensions?

What are micro bead hair extensions?

 The world of hair extensions is filled with so many names and styles, and microbeads are one of the popular names. Micro bead extensions are attractive for a lot of reasons, some of which we’ll be talking about as we give you an insight into micro bead hair extensions and why you should consider getting them. 

What Are Micro Bead Extensions?

Micro bead extensions are extensions made from human hair and attached to your natural hair using tiny beads. The extensions are clamped into the hair such that they lie flat while delivering length and volume.

These extensions are applied without the use of chemicals, glue, or heating tools, and they don’t exert pressure on your natural hair because they are lightweight and gentle.

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How Are Micro Bead Hair Extensions installed?

The installation process for this hair extension is simple. A hairstylist prepares the human hair extensions and then clamps them together with your hair using pliers.

The process lasts between one and two hours, and the extensions often require a maintenance service every four to six weeks. The maintenance process entails pushing up the hair extensions to maintain a neat form and avoid damage to your hair.

Micro bead hair extensions are reusable as long as you buy real human hair, which means you get to enjoy them for a long time. 

How Long Do Micro Bead Hair Extensions Last?

With the right maintenance, micro bead hair extensions can last between six and twelve months. To ensure longevity, avoid using oil-based products on the extension.

What length of hair is needed for Micro Bead Extensions?

Your hair doesn’t have to be so long to use micro bead hair extensions. However, your hair needs to be near the shoulder to get these extensions so that they can blend with your natural hair.

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How Many Micro Bead Extensions does this style require?

The number of extension strands you need will depend on the volume of hair you want to achieve. However, experts recommend 75 to 100 strands if you’re looking to add highlights and volume. To add volume and length, you will need between 120 and 150 strands.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Bead Extensions

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of these extensions to help you decide whether or not to get them. 


Micro Bead hair extensions deliver a seamless blend with your hair, including texture and color

These extensions are less damaging because they don’t use glue or heat.

The extensions are easy to maintain, wash, and style, especially when you use the right shampoo and products.

You adjust, remove, and reinstall Micro Bead hair extensions easily.

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People with short or thin hair can’t enjoy Micro bead hair extensions

because the beads might be visible and won’t be seamless.

Micro Bead hair extensions can strain the hair and scalp if not installed properly or by an expert.


We have created a section of Frequently Asked Questions about microbeads hair extensions in case you have any more doubts, hopefully we can solve them.

Are you ready to try out micro bead hair extensions? Visit your stylist to recommend the best extension for you and get it installed. You will love it!

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What are micro bead hair extensions?

Micro bead hair extensions are strands of human hair attached to one's natural hair using small, lightweight beads. This attachment method avoids the use of chemicals, glue, or heat, making it gentle on the natural hair. The extensions offer added length and volume, blending seamlessly with the natural hair for a natural look.

How are micro bead hair extensions installed?

The installation process involves a hair extensions specialist clamping the extensions to the natural hair with pliers. This process can take between one to two hours. The extensions require maintenance every four to six weeks to reposition them for a neat appearance and to prevent damage to the natural hair. These extensions are reusable, especially if made from real human hair.

How long do micro bead hair extensions last?

With proper maintenance, micro bead hair extensions can last between six to twelve months. It's recommended to avoid using oil-based products on the extensions to maintain their quality and longevity.

What length of natural hair is required for micro bead extensions?

For micro bead hair extensions to blend seamlessly, the natural hair should be at least shoulder-length. This length ensures that the extensions can properly integrate with the natural hair for a cohesive look.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of micro bead extensions?

Micro bead extensions blend well with natural hair and are less damaging because they don't use glue or heat. They're easy to maintain, wash, and style. However, they might not be suitable for people with very short or thin hair as the beads could be visible and not blend seamlessly. Incorrect installation could strain the hair and scalp.