About Us

When I Embraced The Hair Extension Craze

Greetings from the founder of Azul Hair Collection and Install My Hair Extensions

The roots of IMH trace back to my early encounter with hair extensions at the age of 13. Enthralled by the transformation possibilities they offered, I embarked on a quest to unravel the secrets of the finest hair extensions and the techniques to seamlessly and effortlessly apply them.

hair extensions specialist working on client

I'm Nikki Smith Serrano, a proud native of the United States. Though my professional voyage initially steered me through the realms of marketing and human resources, my heart eventually guided me toward a different path. I shed those pursuits to wholeheartedly pursue my passion in the realm of hair extensions.

A Glimpse into the Journey...

Over the years, I honed my craft through formal and informal training, mastering the art of hair extension application. In 2018, a realization struck - buyers of human hair extensions were often left shortchanged, grappling with inconsistent quality, pricing, and customer service.

With a vision to provide exceptional quality hair at affordable prices, I birthed Azul Hair Collection LLC.

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Azul Hair Collection, based in the USA, is an online hair supply company that ships worldwide. Setting itself apart, the company offers the latest in hair extension technology and an innovative way to shop virtually. Our flagship feature allows customers to experience the hair as if in-person, virtually touching and feeling the product.

The Purpose of Install My Hair Extensions - IMH Studio

Having solidified our reputation as a trusted hair supplier, I am thrilled to leverage my extensive expertise to introduce hair extension installation services to the Costa Del Sol.

Observing a gap in the market, we recognized the scarcity of specialized hair extension technicians in the Costa del Sol region. While many hairdresser shops offer or sell hair extensions, there's a void in dedicated expertise. Genuine quality hair extensions and professional installation services are hard to come by.

hair extensions specialist with customer and blow drier as a gun

We've stepped in to bridge this gap by offering transparent pricing on our website and delivering trusted, professional installation services. We hold our customers' satisfaction dear and guarantee contentment with your hair extensions. The mission is to extend the legacy of Azul Hair Collection, ushering exceptional service and technology through IMH.

With my partner and husband, Paco Serrano, we've unveiled a boutique hair extension studio in Benalmadena. This space is thoughtfully designed with a lounge/bar area, television, and a private salon section for your hair extension experience.

Join us for a world-class journey at the Install My Hair Extensions Studio, where luxury meets hair extensions.