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Microbead/Microlink Installation Service

Microbead/Microlink Installation Service

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Elevate your hair game with our sought-after Microbead hair extension installation technique, often known as microlink or microring extensions. With this ultra-natural method, we meticulously integrate each strand of your chosen extensions into your hair, ensuring an impeccable blend that seamlessly mirrors your hair’s texture and shade.

The magic lies in the detail: we take a slender section of your hair, thread it through a gentle silicone bead, and then place a high-quality keratin-tipped hair extension into this bead. Firmly clamping it in place, the result is a flawless fusion that's virtually undetectable, allowing your locks to sway and flow naturally.

Cherish the benefits of this method:

  1. Safety First: The use of silicone beads ensures minimal strain on your natural hair, keeping it healthy.
  2. Versatility: Whether you're seeking amplified volume, elongated length, or both, microbead extensions have got you covered.
  3. Longevity: Revel in your transformed look for up to 12 weeks, and when cared for, these extensions can be reused, offering value for money.
  4. Tailored Experience: Each session is customized based on your hair’s density and length, typically spanning up to 2 hours.

Venturing into the realm of hair extensions might seem daunting. Our experts at IMH are here to simplify the process for you. Whether you’re contemplating the microbead technique or pondering other methods, let's chat! Schedule a free hair consultation today and allow us to guide you towards your dream hair transformation.

Please note: The price of the service does not cover the cost of hair extensions.

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