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Single Strand Maintenance Service

Single Strand Maintenance Service

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Bask in the prolonged beauty and luxury of your microbead hair extensions with our specialized maintenance service! With time, natural hair growth can lead to the subtle shifting of your hair extensions. Before it becomes noticeable, it's crucial to refresh and realign.

Our comprehensive "Move Up" services ensure:

  1. Expert Assessment: We evaluate the current position of each microbead to determine the precise adjustments needed.
  2. Thorough Cleansing: Experience a rejuvenating wash and dry for both your natural hair and extensions, preparing them for the maintenance process.
  3. Precision Realignment: We replace the older silicone microbeads with new ones, ensuring your extensions are moved closer to the scalp for a seamless blend.
  4. Protection Priority: Regular maintenance not only upholds the undetectable integration of extensions but also safeguards your natural hair's health and the longevity of the extensions.

Preserve the integrity and allure of your microbead/nanoring hair extensions. Stay ahead of the natural growth cycle and ensure your hair always looks its absolute best.

Ready to rejuvenate? Click to book your free hair consultation with our microbead maintenance experts! Your stunning transformation deserves expert care.

Care information

Please, read all the details in this complete guide to natural hair extensions care

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what is a microbead maintenance service?

Our maintenance service covers all aspects needed to rejuvenate your single-strand extensions, making them look as good as new.

We offer various procedures such as removal, in case you choose to wear them no longer, and moving up the extensions - a necessary step when your natural hair has grown, pushing the extensions further from the scalp.

Additionally, we offer a detangling service for those times when your extensions might need extra care and attention!

What are microbead hair extensions?

Microbead hair extensions, often referred to as micro-loop or micro-ring extensions, represent a hair enhancement technique where tiny clusters of extension hair are secured to natural hair using small, silicone-lined beads or rings. This method eschews the need for heat or glue, positioning it as a less harmful alternative to several other hair extension methods.

How long does it take a microbead hair extensions installation?

It really depends on the maintenance service that you choose. It ranges from 1h for a small move up to several hours when we need to detangle and reinstall the microbeads extensions.

Ask our hair extensions specialist in your consultation for specific details since it depends on each individual circumstances.

Do you match the color and the pattern of my hair?

Certainly! In your free hair extensions consultation, we take the time to meticulously evaluate your hair, guaranteeing a flawless match in both color and texture for the extensions. This ensures they integrate perfectly with your natural hair at the time of installation.

And the great news is, this tailored color matching service comes at no extra cost – it's all included in the price!

What are the benefits of microbeads hair extensions?

- Priorizando la Salud del Cabello: Utilizamos cuentas de silicona especialmente diseñadas para asegurar suavemente tu cabello, reduciendo el estrés y evitando daños para mantener la salud de tu cabello.

- Mejora Versátil: Ya sea que desees agregar más volumen, lograr cabello más largo o una combinación de ambos, nuestras extensiones de microperlas son la elección perfecta.

- Belleza Duradera: Disfruta de tu look renovado durante hasta 12 semanas. Con el cuidado adecuado, estas extensiones pueden reutilizarse, ofreciendo un excelente valor para tu inversión.

- Servicio Personalizado: Adaptamos cada instalación para que coincida perfectamente con la densidad y longitud específicas de tu cabello.

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