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Tape In Maintenance Service

Tape In Maintenance Service

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Glistening, thick, and seamlessly blending with your natural hair - we bet your tape-in extensions have added that extra oomph to your look! To ensure their lasting brilliance, it's essential to give them the proper care they deserve.

Why is Maintenance Crucial?

  • Optimal Appearance: With routine maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks, your tape-ins will always maintain their lustrous sheen and blend flawlessly with your natural locks.
  • Holistic Service: Our maintenance routine encompasses a meticulous tape-in removal process, followed by re-taping your extensions to prime them for the next application. We don't just stop there! We pamper your natural hair with a thorough wash and dry, leaving you refreshed and vibrant.
  • Specialist Touch: Protecting the health of your natural hair and the longevity of your extensions is our priority. Our experts ensure that the maintenance process is gentle, causing no strain or damage.

To keep your extensions in impeccable condition, routine maintenance is the key. We offer 3 types of maintenance service:

  1. Re-Tape Only: Freshly secure your extensions for continued wear.
  2. Removal, Wash & ReTape: Refresh your natural hair and extensions for a renewed bond.
  3. Removal, Wash, ReTape & ReFit: Complete rejuvenation for your tape-in extensions to align perfectly with your natural hair growth.

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What is a tape in hair extensions maintenance service?

Our hair extensions only salon provides three distinct maintenance services:

- Re-Taping Service: This option ensures your extensions are securely re-attached for prolonged use.
- Removal, Wash, and Re-Tape: This service involves refreshing both your natural hair and extensions, creating a revitalized bond.
- Complete Overhaul - Removal, Wash, Re-Tape, and Re-Fit: Opt for a full rejuvenation, where your tape-in extensions are entirely realigned to match your natural hair's growth seamlessly.

How much does it cost to install tape in hair extensions?

The price for tape-in hair extension installation can fluctuate considerably, influenced by various elements such as the salon's location, the extensions' quality, the stylist's skill level, and the number of extensions required.

At IMH Studio, we offer tape-in hair extension services priced between 200 to 800 euros, potentially more, depending on these specific factors.

How long does tape in hair extensions maintenance service take?

Typically, maintaining tape-in extensions throughout the entire head can last around 4 hours on average. You will get a break while we wash and retape the bonds.

The duration required to apply tape-in hair extensions can differ due to a variety of factors, such as the expertise of the hairstylist, the total number of extensions being used, and the intricacy of your natural hair.

How long do tape in hair extensions last?

Typically, tape-in hair extensions require removal and reinstallation approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, although this can vary based on the extensions' quality, how well they're cared for, and the growth rate of your natural hair.

With proper maintenance and professional installation, these extensions can last over a year. At IMH Studio, we use natural virgin human hair for our extensions, ensuring their longevity and enduring quality.

How many packs of tape in hair extensions do I need?

Here's a basic estimate to help you determine the number of packs required:

Single Pack (20 to 40 pieces): Ideal for adding just a bit of volume or a few subtle highlights. One pack of tape-in extensions could be enough for a minimal enhancement.

Two to Three Packs (40 to 60 pieces): For a complete head installation, which increases both volume and length, 2 to 3 packs usually suffice for most individuals.

Four or More Packs: In cases of very thick hair or for those seeking a significant change with substantial volume and length, consider using 4 or more packs.

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