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Tape In Hair Extensions Package

Tape In Hair Extensions Package

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Transform your hair instantly with our Tape-In Extensions Package, boasting premium pricing that encompasses both 100% virgin human hair extensions and expert fitting.

Tape-in hair extensions stand out as an impeccable choice for those who crave versatility in hair styling and desire a swift, hassle-free installation process. Meticulously parting thin sections of your hair, we utilize high-quality adhesive tape to securely bond the extensions, ensuring a natural, flowing appearance.

Perfectly adaptable, this method is renowned for its suitability across all hair types, providing a robust solution that's not just stunning but also reusable!

Our deluxe package provides up to 120 grams of lush 18-inch tape-in hair extensions, translating to approximately 80 meticulously crafted sandwiches. This guarantees an elegant transformation, amplifying both the length and volume of your natural hair.

But our dedication to your ideal look doesn't stop there. This package is further enhanced with a custom coloring service, ensuring your hair extensions harmoniously blend with your natural shade. Plus, for a more fortified finish, we also offer the addition of keratin bonds.

Craving a little extra? Whether it's an increase in volume or a desire for cascading lengths, this service can be tailored further with added tape-ins or an extension in length, available at an adjusted rate.

Embrace the hair you've always yearned for. Schedule your free consultation today and embark on your journey to hair perfection!

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Please, read all the details in this complete guide to natural hair extensions care

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What does the Tape In Package include?

Up to 120 grams of lush 18-inch tape-in hair extensions, translating to approximately 80 meticulously crafted sandwiches and the hair extensions installation.

How long does it take to fit tape in hair extensions?

Generally, the process of fitting tape-in extensions to the entire head takes about 1.5 to 3 hours. The time needed for this installation varies and depends on several elements, including the hairstylist's skill level, how many extensions are being applied, and the complexity of your own hair.

How long do tape in hair extensions last?

Tape-in hair extensions typically require removal and reapplication every 6 to 8 weeks. Their longevity can differ based on factors such as the extensions' quality, maintenance level, and your hair's natural growth rate.

Regarding the extensions themselves, with appropriate care and professional installation and maintenance, they can last over a year. At IMH Studio, we use natural virgin human hair for our extensions, ensuring their durability and long-lasting quality.

How many packs of tape in hair extensions do I need?

To help you estimate, here's a rough guide on the quantity of packs required:

One Pack (20 to 40 pieces): Ideal for those seeking just a slight increase in volume or minimal highlights. A single pack of tape-in extensions should suffice.

Two to Three Packs (40 to 60 pieces): Typically, for a complete head application, 2 to 3 packs are adequate for most individuals to achieve an increase in both volume and length.

Four or More Packs: For those with particularly dense hair, or aiming for a substantial change with significant volume and length, four or more packs may be necessary.

Are tape ins good for natural hair?

Advantages of Tape-In Extensions for Natural Hair:

- Less Damage: Compared to some other extension methods, tape-ins can cause less damage to your natural hair when installed and removed correctly.

- Natural Look: When properly applied and blended, tape-in extensions can provide a natural and seamless appearance that enhances your hair's overall look.

- Versatility: You can style your hair in various ways without worrying about the extensions being easily visible.

- Lower Maintenance: Tape-in extensions require less maintenance compared to some other extension methods.

- Comfort: Tape-in extensions are generally lightweight and comfortable to wear.

- Easy Removal: Removing tape-in extensions is relatively straightforward and less time-consuming compared to other methods.

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