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Weft Installation Service

Weft Installation Service

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Unlock a world of voluminous, long, and luxuriously thick hair with our expert Weft Hair Extension installation service, often referred to as the renowned LA Weave.

Dive deep into the art of wefting where we masterfully integrate rows of silicone beads with your authentic tresses, weaving and clamping them in place. Following this meticulous preparation, our skilled technicians seamlessly sew in specially crafted wefted hair extensions, ensuring a snug fit that promises both security and comfort.

Why choose the wefting technique? Its allure lies in the speed and precision of the installation, swiftly transforming your hair from ordinary to extraordinary. Revel in the added length, magnificent fullness, and the bounce that only premium weft extensions can offer.

Flexibility in styling is the dream of every hair enthusiast. With our professionally installed wefts, you're not just limited to flaunting them down. Go ahead and craft stunning up-dos, play with chic half-up/half-down looks, or let them cascade freely, reflecting your unique style.

A beauty transformation doesn't need to consume your entire day. Depending on the number of wefts you're keen to incorporate, the magic unfolds in just up to 1.5 hours.

Ready to redefine your hair narrative? It all begins with a click. Secure your spot and embark on this transformative journey with us. Book your free consultation today and let our experts guide you to hair brilliance.

*Please note: The cost of the actual hair extensions is separate from the installation service fee.

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How long does it take a weft hair extensions installation?

We usually take from 1 hour and 30 minutos to 3 hours. It will depend on the number of rows we have to install.

Do you match the color and the pattern of my hair?

Yes! We see your hair during the free hair extensions consultation and we will match the hair extensions color and pattern so they are ready to blend seamlessly with your hair during the installation appointment.

And the best part, it is included in the price!

What are weft hair extensions?

Unlike individual strand extensions, weft extensions are made up of a curtain of hair attached to a horizontal strip, or "weft."

How do you install the weft hair extensions?

It has 4 phases:

Assess the Number of Rows Required: In our free hair extension consultation we will determine how many rows of hair you need for the extensions, based on the desired volume.

Creating Beaded Tracks: Our hair extensions specialist will begin by dividing your hair into sections. Feed each section through a small bead. Continue this process until you have a complete track of your natural hair along the entire row. This track will serve as the base for attaching the extensions.

Attaching the Extension Weft: Our stylist will then attach the weft of the extension onto the beaded track. This is typically done by tying or sewing the weft securely to the row of beads.

Seamless Integration: Both the weft and the attachment points are designed to be slender, ensuring there is no noticeable bulk or lifting. The extension itself will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

How much is the weft hair extensions installation service?

We charge 60 euros per row and the most common installations go from 1 to 3 rows.

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