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Men's Hair System and Installation Service

Men's Hair System and Installation Service

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This service includes a high-quality natural human hair polyskin hair piece and its installation by one of our hair extension specialists. It is also possible to use a different base, lace or hybrid, but it will be a different price. We discuss this during the consultation.

Our process begins well before your arrival at the studio. We meticulously prepare a high-quality polyskin hair system, ensuring it matches perfectly with the color and density of your natural hair. This advanced preparation guarantees that the system is ready and tailored for you, creating an undetectable and flawless blend with your hair.

Upon your arrival, with your hair already cleaned, we embark on a careful and precise fitting process. It starts with creating a personalized mold of the required area for an exact fit. We then prepare the scalp by shaving the area and applying Walker's Scalp Protector, which not only safeguards your skin but also optimizes the adhesion of the hair system.

With precision, our stylists then fit the pre-prepared hair system, using Walker's Sports Tape and Walker's Ultra Hold for a secure, durable bond. The installation is completed with a custom haircut and styling, seamlessly integrating the hair system with your natural hair for a completely natural and refined look.

Also, we would like to mention that our salon is a private studio, reserved solely for you, to ensure a discreet and intimate setting. As you relax in the ambiance, choose from a glass of beer, wine, or your favorite hot beverage to enhance the comfort of your visit.

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How much is the men's hair system installation?

The cost of our men's hair system installation, which includes both the installation service and a high-quality polyskin hair piece, is 325 euros.

It's important to note that this price is specific to the polyskin hair piece. If you require a lace, mesh, or hybrid base hair system, the pricing may vary.

We understand that each individual's needs are unique, and therefore, we recommend a personalized consultation. During this consultation, we can discuss your specific requirements and provide a detailed quote for a hair system that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best solution tailored just for you.

What does the men's hair system installation service include?

Hair System Preparation:

1. Color Match: We ensure the hair system color is perfectly aligned with your natural hair for a seamless blend.

2. Adapt Density: The density of the hair system is customized to match your own, providing a natural and full look.

Fitting Process:

1. Create a Mold: A precise mold is made of your scalp to guarantee the perfect fit of the hair system.

2. Shave Area: The designated area is carefully shaved to prepare for the hair system application.

3. Prep Scalp with Walker's Scalp Protector: Your scalp is protected and prepared for the hair system using Walker's Scalp Protector, ensuring skin safety and enhancing adhesion.

4. Trim Hair System to Mold Size: The hair system is meticulously trimmed to align with your personal mold for an exact fit.

5. Apply the System with Walker's Sports Tape and/or Walker's Ultra Hold: The hair system is securely attached for a durable, long-lasting hold.

6. Create a Custom Cut: We finish with a custom haircut, tailored to blend the hair system flawlessly with your natural hair style.

Do you do partial hair system installation?

Yes we do! Ask us about your needs and we can advice you and give you a quote

Do you color and pattern match the hair system so it matches my natural hair?

It is part of our process. During the consultation, we will pick the right color and pattern for your hair piece. When you come to the installation appointment the hair system will be ready to be installed and it will perfectly blend with your natural hair.

What are the advantages of a man's hair piece?

- Natural Appearance: These systems are crafted to mimic natural hair in color, texture, and thickness, offering an incredibly natural look that's hard to differentiate from real hair.

- Non-Surgical Solution: They provide a non-invasive alternative to hair transplants, eliminating the need for surgery, anesthesia, or recovery time, and ensuring a quick, straightforward installation process.

- Customization: Men's hair systems offer extensive customization options, allowing wearers to choose their preferred hair color, texture, length, and style for a look that truly complements their individuality.

- Versatile Styling: Offering the freedom to experiment with various hairstyles, hair systems enable wearers to try different looks, from sleek and short to long and wavy, without any limitations.

- Restoring Confidence: Hair systems significantly boost self-esteem by restoring a youthful and confident appearance, profoundly impacting one's self-image.

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