Why are men converting to hair systems?

Why are men converting to hair systems?

An increasing number of men are losing their hair to different conditions, including alopecia, chemo, and baldness. As expected, this situation has been difficult for many men to come to terms with just as it causes emotional stress and even depression to some.

When men face hair loss, the first thing on their minds is how to replace the hair and return their look to normal. But this isn’t an easy feat. Getting a hair transplant costs thousands of dollars, taking prescription pills has potential side effects even on male fertility, and many hair growth products don’t do much to return the hair to its original state. That’s where hair systems come in. It is either that or getting a shave, and not many men are comfortable with shaving their hair.

So, the next thing to turn to is hair systems. There are so many reasons men are converting to hair systems, and we will highlight some of the most important ones.

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Hair systems are non-surgical

As much as they want to get their hair back, not many men are enthused by the idea of getting hair transplants because it involves surgery. This surgery also has risk factors such as swollen scalp, bleeding, numbness, and infections. Sometimes, these surgical processes even leave scars on the scalp.

Hair systems, on the other hand, are free from all these risks and side effects. They can also be applied simply without any effects apart from rare cases of allergic reactions to the adhesives used, which can be cured by using anti-allergic adhesives or materials. 

This article covers reasons about why a man should use a hair system so if you are interested in learning more you can read the basics of men's hair systems in our blog.

Hair systems are more affordable

Hair surgery is a very expensive process, one that many men can’t afford, and those who manage to do so aren’t often satisfied by the results. However, hair systems are within an affordable price range. Even the customized ones don’t come close to other surgical options and even the pills or hair growth oils that amount to much in the end with no real results to show.

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Hair Systems deliver instant results

As expensive as they are, hair transplants still take a long time to show results, which is often a couple of months. Even the surgical process is often carried out in several sessions with house spent on each session. Guess what? You’ll still have to observe a wait time between each transplant surgery to allow it heal before the next one.

However, hair systems deliver a solution that’s close to immediate. The only time you spend waiting is the time spent ordering the hair system and the time you spend installing the system. In two weeks or even less, everything is done and you can enjoy your hair system.

It is important to mention that if you want to opt for custom-made hair systems with all the features you want, the wait time is often longer, and it could be between 6 and 8 weeks. But you would agree that the time-frame is very fair. 


With these benefits, it should come as no surprise that men would embrace hair systems more while facing hair loss, whatever the cause. Hair systems are affordable, great looking, and they deliver a confidence boost in no time.

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As we come to the end of our conversation, I want to emphasize that our FAQ section is here to help with any remaining uncertainties you may have about the main reasons men are starting to use hair systems, providing clear and easily understandable guidance.

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Why are men choosing hair replacement systems over other hair restoration methods?

Men prefer hair systems for their non-surgical nature, affordability, and instant results, avoiding the discomfort and long wait times associated with transplants and other treatments.

What makes hair systems an attractive option for men?

Hair systems offer a risk-free alternative to surgery, with no side effects like scalp swelling, bleeding, or infection, and they can be customized affordably.

How do hair systems compare in cost to hair transplants?

Hair systems are significantly more affordable than transplants, offering a cost-effective solution with immediate satisfaction without financial strain.

Are hair systems difficult to maintain?

The ease of use is a significant advantage, maintenance is manageable and not a major deterrent.

What immediate benefits do hair systems provide?

They deliver almost instant results, enabling men to regain their desired appearance quickly and efficiently, in contrast to the lengthy process of hair transplants.