What Is an LA Weave?

What Is an LA Weave?

If you haven’t heard of the L. A weave, then you have some catching up to do, and this post will help you to do just that. The L.A weave is popular amongst people for many reasons and has been called many names, including revolutionary. Let’s find out more about it.

What is the L.A Weave, and why is it so popular?

L.A weaves, also known as Micro Weft hair extensions, have been judged by some people to be some of the most comfortable, natural, and seamless hair extensions out there. The L.A weave extension style is applied using hair wefts, microbeads, and thread.

The LA weave or Micro Weft is installed on your hair by being sewn to a row of micro rings fitted easily and comfortably to your hair. It is seamless and allows you to style your hair in different ways.

One more thing to love about this weave is that it can be installed in an hour or less, and can help you achieve a full, thick, head of hair with just a few strands of hair fitted in two rows, rather than over the entire head as individual extension strands are fixed.

The LA weave is perfect for people with Caucasian hair who have previously shied away from traditional weaves because of the force and tightness. It is more comfortable and easier on the head.

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How long does an L.A Weave last?

When you install an LA Weave, it often lasts between 6 and 9 months if you’re able to manage it properly, and perhaps, even more.

However, you’ll need to take appropriate care of it, such as removing, washing, and refitting it every 6 to 8 weeks.

In between the times when you remove and reinstall your extensions, you can use a dry shampoo to manage it and wash it no more than once a week. Remember that excessive washing isn’t good for any extension, including the LA Weave.

How to care for your L.A Weave

Always use a detangling brush when brushing your hair as it is the best way to get rid of dead hair strands while ensuring that the Micro Beads don’t get pulled out and the LA Weaves are not distributed. Always brush your hair from the tip while you hold tightly to the weft to prevent tugging on your hair, which can affect both your natural hair and the extension. 

Make sure you schedule a maintenance appointment to refit the extensions.

Can L.A Weaves damage your hair?

Although we cannot vouch for every weave or hair extension 100%, the L. A weave is one of the kindest and easiest on your hair, especially because it is only attached to a few rows and not the entire hair. You only stand a risk of damage if you don’t follow the hair maintenance advice given by your stylist after installation.

Some people will experience slight discomfort after the installation process, and this discomfort often lasts for a day or two, especially if the wig was secured tightly. However, it shouldn’t cause any damage and would ease off in no time.

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Surrounded by a multitude of inquiries, find your peace. We've developed an FAQ segment with meticulous attention, aimed at clarifying further questions regarding LA Weave hair extensions. Our mission is to dispel doubts through transparent and exhaustive explanations for every conceivable question, ensuring you're fully informed and at ease.

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What are LA Weaves?

LA Weaves, short for "Los Angeles Weaves," is a type of hair extension technique that involves weaving tracks of hair weft onto cornrows braided close to the scalp. The weft tracks are typically sewn onto the cornrows using a needle and thread.

What are the benefits of LA Weaves?

Versatile: LA Weaves can be used to add length, volume, or both to your hair. They can also be used to create different styles, such as braids, weaves, or ponytails.

Protective: By cornrowing your natural hair underneath, LA Weaves can offer some protection from styling damage.

Relatively affordable: Compared to some other extension methods, LA Weaves can be a more affordable option.

What are the drawbacks of LA Weaves?

Tension: Tight cornrows can cause tension on the scalp, leading to discomfort or even hair loss if not done correctly.

Maintenance: LA Weaves require regular maintenance (every 4-6 weeks) to prevent matting and ensure the braids stay secure.

Not ideal for all hair types: This method might not be suitable for very fine or weak hair, as the braiding process can put extra strain on it.

Who is a good candidate for LA Weaves?

LA Weaves are a good option for people with thicker hair types who want a versatile and protective way to add length or volume.

What should I consider before getting LA Weaves?

Consult with a hairstylist experienced in braiding and extensions. Discuss your hair type, desired style, and maintenance expectations. Ensure the stylist uses the correct braiding technique to minimize tension on your scalp.