What is a hair system?

The word ‘hair system’ has been used quite often these days, especially in the world of men, but also amongst women. Many people have remained curious about what it means and how a hair system differs from wigs or hair extensions.

This post tells you all you need to know about hair systems, as well as factors to consider before getting one.

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A hair system is best described as a hairpiece or partial wig that is used to cover bald portions of a person’s hair. They are designed for people who have suffered hair loss for medical reasons, natural causes, or otherwise.

Hair systems are often made of synthetic or human hair material and they have also been called toupees, hairpieces, or units.

The base of hair systems is created using meshes, polymers, or both combined. While mesh is lightweight and delivers a natural, seamless hairline, polymer is durable and easy to attach.

The majority of people who use hairpieces are men, but some women have also tried them from time to time. These hair systems are mostly custom designed with the specific needs of the user in mind and attached to the head using an elastic band or glue.

The factors considered when getting the perfect hair system are the texture, color, density, and other features of the user’s natural hair.

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Advantages of Hair Systems

Hair systems are non-invasive and free of all the side effects associated with hair transplants such as scars, infections, and pain.

You can easily customize hair systems to suit the needs of the user, such as hair color, length, density, and all other features.

Hair systems deliver the instant change that users love, and they are easy to put on, thereby getting you ready in just a few minutes.

Compared to other alternatives, such as surgery, hair systems are more affordable.

Hair systems are comfortable to use, and you can carry out all your regular activities when wearing hair systems, such as exercising, sleeping, and even swimming. 

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Disadvantages of Hair systems

There is a need for continuous purchase because hair systems wear out with time and need replacement thrice a year. You’ll also need to reapply your hairpiece every 20 days or 30 days if you use an adhesive.

Some men have reported cases of glue allergy while using adhesive to install their hair systems. However, with anti-allergy glue, you can be safe. 

How to choose the best base material for your hair system?

When deciding upon the most suitable base material, you need to consider all parts of the base, such as the sides, back, front, top and crown.

The best base material for the front area is French lace because it is undetectable and delivers a natural hairline. You can also use clear PU or folded lace in front.

The top and crown area needs base materials such as lace, thin skin, and monofilament. The sides and back will do best with standard base materials such as skin with gauze, thin skin, PU coating, and clear PU. 


Now that you have most of the information you need to know about hair systems, have a conversation with your stylist about the best hair system for you, as well as the best hairstyle if you want to customize a hair system for usage.

If you still have doubts, go to our Frequently Asked Questions about hair systems, maybe we can solve them there.

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What distinguishes a men's hair system from other hair loss solutions?

Men's hair systems offer a non-surgical, customizable approach to addressing hair loss, providing an immediate and natural-looking hairline. Unlike wigs or surgical options, these systems are designed to match the individual's hair color, texture, and density, allowing for a seamless blend with the existing hair and an undetectable finish.

How does one choose the right men's hair system?

Selection involves considering hair density, color, and the preferred attachment method, balancing between durability and natural appearance. Consultation with a hair extensions specialist is key to tailoring the system to lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences, ensuring comfort and confidence in everyday activities.

What maintenance does a hair system require?

Regular care involves gentle washing, conditioning, and occasional repairs or adjustments by a hair extensions specialist, like us in IMH Studio. Proper maintenance extends the system's life, preserves its natural appearance, and ensures the scalp remains healthy.

Can men's hair systems withstand everyday activities like swimming or exercising?

Yes, high-quality hair systems are designed to endure daily activities, including swimming and exercising. Choosing the right adhesive and maintenance routine is crucial for maintaining the system's integrity and appearance during such activities.

What are the benefits of opting for a hair system over surgical hair restoration methods?

Hair systems provide a non-invasive, reversible option with immediate results, requiring no recovery time. They offer the flexibility to change styles and are often more cost-effective in the short term compared to surgical options, making them an attractive choice for many men.