How are men's hair systems fitted and installed?

How are men's hair systems fitted and installed?

 Men's hair systems are gaining popularity over the world because they are meeting the needs of a lot of men who are suffering hair loss. If you are one of them, or perhaps, a hairstylist who is new to the art of installing men’s hairpieces, this post is a guide to fitting and installing a hair system to ensure that it fits perfectly.

What you need for installing Men’s hair pieces

  • Balder
  • Comb
  • 99% alcohol spray or wipes
  • Scissors
  • Scalp protector
  • Glue/tape
  • Measuring tape
  • White eyeliner pencil 

Fitting and Installing Men’s Hair Piece: Step-by-Step Guide

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Step 1. Prepare the Scalp 

This is the first step, and it entails preparing the area where you will attach the new hair system. You can section the hair depending on the nature of the system you are installing.

The next thing to do is to shave off any hair left in the balding area using a balder to ensure that it’s clean-shaven.


Then, you decide where you want to install the toupee and mark the spot on the forehead. To locate the hairline, place your four fingers between the eyebrows and stack them up towards the hairline. The hairline is the space right next to your fourth finger. Use white eyeliner to mark the hairline area.    

Step 2. Cut the Base of the Hair System 

This step ensures that the size of the hair fits the size of the client’s head. To do this, draw the size you need for the hair system, and cut it out while pulling the hair back to avoid cutting it by mistake. Use scissors to cut the line.

Alternatively, you can request that the base be cut upon order of the hair system.

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Step 3. Remove Oils and Residues

Spray a 99% alcohol solution on the client’s scalp and wipe it off gently. Do this as many times as possible until the scalp is clean, and then let it dry. You should also clean the hair system in the same way. 

Step 4: Apply Scalp Protector 

This step is necessary for clients who are prone to dermal irritation to shield them from reacting negatively to the adhesives or hair system

A scalp protector also helps to secure the hair to the scalp for a longer time. 

Step 5: Attach the Hair System 

The first thing to do is to apply several layers of glue to the clean scalp. The adhesive should only cover the shaved area and not touch your natural hair. After the first layer dries, do the same with the second and third layers of glue. Apply glue at the base of the hair system once and then begin applying it to the scalp carefully from one end of the base to the other, covering the areas you had previously marked. Press down firmly on the hair system to flatten the hair and avoid wrinkles or hair bubbles 

Step 6: Styling

After installing the hair system, style it according to your client’s request. When styling, ensure to blend the hair system with your client’s natural hair so that it looks seamless.

Avoid pulling too tightly on the hair system while styling and avoid using harsh chemicals or styling products In this while the hair system is still curing. 

At this point, you are successfully done with the fitting and installation of the men’s hair system. 


In this blog post we have covered the basics on how to install a hair system,  but we would like to mention that we do not recommend you to do it yourself and instead seek a professional with experience to do it.
Amid a flurry of inquiries, find your serenity. We have meticulously designed an FAQ section dedicated to how men's hair systems are fitted and installed. Our aim is to dissolve any hesitations and furnish you with lucid, thorough answers to any potential questions.

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What initial assessments are made before fitting a men's hair system?

The initial assessment involves an in-depth consultation to understand the individual's specific hair loss condition, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. This step is crucial for tailoring the hair system to fit seamlessly with the individual’s existing hair and scalp, ensuring comfort, durability, and a natural appearance. Factors such as hair texture, color, density, and scalp shape are considered to match the hair system perfectly with the wearer's needs.

How are men's hair systems customized to ensure a perfect fit and natural look?

Customization of men's hair systems involves several detailed steps, including measuring the scalp, choosing the appropriate base material (like lace or polyurethane for their transparency and comfort), and selecting hair that matches the individual's natural hair color, texture, and density. This meticulous process ensures the hair system blends indistinguishably with the wearer's natural hair, providing a realistic hairline and overall appearance.

What techniques are used for the installation of men's hair systems, and how do they differ?

Installation techniques vary based on the hair system type and the wearer's preference. The most common methods include bonding with medical-grade adhesives for a secure fit, adhesive tape for temporary attachment, and weaving into existing hair for added security. Each method has its advantages, from providing a durable hold suitable for active lifestyles to offering flexibility and ease of removal.

What steps do professionals take to ensure the hair system looks as natural as possible?

Professionals employ precision in cutting, styling, and blending the hair system with the natural hair. They may also customize the hairline and ensure the density gradients match seamlessly with the wearer’s natural hair growth patterns. The aim is to create an undetectable transition between the hair system and the existing hair, enhancing the system’s invisibility.

After installation, what maintenance routines are recommended for men’s hair systems?

Proper maintenance is essential for preserving the appearance and extending the lifespan of the hair system. This includes gentle washing with recommended shampoos and conditioners, avoiding harsh chemicals, minimizing exposure to excessive heat, and scheduling regular maintenance appointments for professional adjustments. This care routine helps to maintain the system’s natural look and feel while preventing damage.