Micro Bead Hair Extensions Installation - All you wanted to know

Micro Bead Hair Extensions Installation - All you wanted to know

Micro bead hair extensions installation is one of the latest and most advanced services to get your extensions installed. They are light, concealed and flexible so you can wear pretty much any hairstyle you desire as if the extensions were not there.

This service is perfect either if you want to add length to your hair, fullness or both and it will not damage your natural hair. 

I am sure you have question so below we have tried to compile the most asked questions about micro bead hair extensions

What are micro bead hair extensions?

There are 3 components to this technique:

I-tip / I-link: These are strands of hair glued together with keratin. They are little bundles of hair that represent the actual hair that will be installed using the micro bead service. I-tips/I-link can be used for other techniques also.

    In our consultation appointment we will assess the best kind of hair that will adapt to your natural hair and lifestyle. We recommend natural hair extensions as opposed to synthetic ones, they look better and last longer. You will be able to buy from our store and we can also customize the color so it matches perfectly to your natural hair. Of course, if you already have your hair extensions we can use them in the installation.

    Micro beads: They are little rings that will join your natural hair with the I-tips (hair extensions). They are very small, so they will not be visible because they are hidden with your natural hair layers. They are also light so they will not damage your hair and you will not feel them. They are sturdy once clamped to your hair so these extensions will last a long time in your hair.

      Also, they come in all kinds of colors so our technician will select the one that better matches your hair color and scalp.

      Clamping machine: Our hair extensions technician will use this machine to join your natural hair with the I-tip using the micro bead ring.

        Alright! Now that you know the components involved in this technique you can imagine how it works. Your natural hair is joined using the micro bead to the I-tip using a clamping machine. The installation is done at the root of your hair with a micro bead that matches the color of your roots. Once the installation is completed our technician will style and blend your natural hair and the extensions. 

        The result is pretty much undetectable, lightweight and secured hair extensions.


        The picture above shows the end result before the styling took place. The attachment points will be hidden by top layers of hair so it is indetectable. 

        How long do micro bead hair extensions last?

        Here it is important to differentiate between the hair extensions and the installation. 

        The hair extensions sold in our store is 100% natural remy hair and can last a long time, 1 year or more with proper care. 

        The installation of this hair using the micro bead technique can last around 3 months and that is why we recommend scheduling a maintenance (push up) service at that time. Once installed your natural hair will grow so after 3 months the extensions will have to be uninstalled and installed again at the root of your hair. 

        How many micro beads for a full head?

        • 50 micro beads for a Quarter Head - 2-3 rows
        • 100 micro beads for a Half Head - 3-4 rows
        • 150 micro beads for a Three Quarter Head - 5-6 rows
        • 200 micro beads for a Full Head - 7-8 rows

        These are approximate numbers and considered industry standards. In our consultation meeting we will assess your personal case and advise the number you will need depending on your needs and goals.

        How long does it take to install micro bead hair extensions?

        It takes between 2 and 4 hours. Be aware that the time depends basically on the amount of hair you are installing though.

        How do you sleep with micro bead extensions?

        There is some chatting about having problems sleeping with hair extensions. The answer is that sleeping with micro bead hair extensions should be comfortable, it could not be any other way since this technique has been designed to last months attached to your hair.

        In any case, you should follow the tips below not only to have a good rest but also to care for your hair and extensions:

        • Brush your hair and make sure there are no knots.
        • Use a ponytail or braid when going to bed. It will avoid knots in the morning.
        • Make sure your hair is dry. Wet hair is more brittle and more prone to tangle. Use a blow dryer at a distance of around 30cm and not maximum heat to avoid extreme heat to melt or damage the keratin joints.
        • Wear silk night sleeping caps. 
        • Use a good hair conditioner. Spread it from the middle to the end of the extensions and avoid the bonds, tie your hair in a braid or ponytail after that.

        Do micro beaded extensions fall out easily?

        The short answer is NO. Micro bead hair extensions are a semi-permanent installation that is well secured to the hair with minimal slippage. As mentioned, there can be some fall out of some strands (I-link) but that is totally normal, the main reasons are:

        • Using hair conditioner on the bonds. Although we recommend hair conditioners, they should be used from the middle to the tip of the hair since if they are applied to the bead bonds they can create slippage or deterioration of the bond.
        • Improper crimping. This happens during the installation due to some defect on the bead ring or that particular clamping not attaching 100%. 
        • Width of the strand. Both strands, the clients natural hair and the extensions  must have the same width so the latter can hold properly the latter and the bond.

        ‘Install My Hair Extensions’ want its clients to be happy with their hair extensions so contact us anytime if you feel you are having to much slippage and we will schedule time to fix the issue with you for free (of course!). As a rule of thumb, more that 10% of fall out is a cause of concern, this means that if we installed 100 strands, 10 must have fallen out.

        Can you put your hair up with micro bead hair extensions?

        The answer si YES. Micro beads hair extensions installation is one of the latest and better techniques out there, you can workout, swim, bath and pretty much do anything as if they were not there, you just need to use common sense and care for your hair.

        If you want to have your hair up, in a tail for instance, with your head upside down make sure you grab all your hair and the beads in the same direction and tie your ponytail.

        Can you shower with micro bead hair extensions?

        We only recommend installing natural hair extensions which means that you should care for the hair like your natural hair with a couple of catches that we explain below.

        The hair extensions are attached to your hair using keratin micro beads, which means that oily products or, if you have hair that is naturally oily, can provoke some slippage. In order to avoid this you will have to use non oily products in your hair and shower often enough to avoid accumulation of oil in your hair.

        In general, You’ll want to avoid extracts, oils, wheat protein, hydrolyzed silk or silicone. 

        You have to condition your hair but make sure you do not apply it to the attachments, as explained before, this creates slippage.

        As you are reading, we are telling you to take care of your extensions installed in your hair as if it were your own hair with a few slight changes. Drying your hair is also important because wet hair is more brittle and prone to knots. Make sure the blow dryer is at a distance of 30 cm and do not use it at maximum power to avoid damaging the keratin bonds.

        Hair Extensions is a market that is rapidly growing and more and more people is starting to use them to look awesome. We started Install My Hair Extensions because the lack of specialized hair extensions technicians in the Costa del Sol. We could barely find any real professionals for hair extensions installations in Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas or Marbella.

        We have the experience you need, acquired in the USA, the mecca of hair extensions,  to get your extensions installed and look marvelous. Go to book a free hair extensions consultation and reserve your spot!

        In an atmosphere of uncertainty, find your calm. We've intricately put together a FAQ section focused on clarifying any doubts you might have about micro beads hair extensions. Our aim is to cut through the confusion and supply precise, in-depth answers to all your queries.

        Paco Serrano

        Paco Serrano

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        Passionate about the transformative power of hair extensions and style.

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        What are micro-bead hair extensions?

        They consist of I-tip/I-link strands, micro beads for attachment, and a clamping machine for installation. These extensions are light, concealed, and allow for versatile styling without damaging natural hair.

        How long do micro-bead hair extensions last?

        The hair itself can last over a year with proper care, while the installation lasts about 3 months, after which maintenance is recommended due to natural hair growth.

        How many micro beads are needed for a full head?

        Approximately 50 for a quarter head, 100 for a half head, 150 for three-quarters, and 200 for a full head, with exact numbers tailored during consultation.

        What is the installation time for micro-bead hair extensions?

        Installation time ranges from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of hair being added.

        Can micro-bead extensions fall out easily?

        No, they are securely attached, with minimal slippage. Any fallout is typically due to factors like conditioner on bonds or improper installation, which can be addressed in follow-up appointments.