The Ultimate Guide to Opulent Hair Extensions Care

Mesh Integration Hair Care Instructions

Now that you have your locks installed - now lets take care of them!
Mesh integration systems are connected to your natural hair using beads and lace. The hair extension closure/topper and wefts are then sewn onto this base.


Ensure you gently brush your extensions from root to tip. Try to avoid snagging the lace base as this could rip your delicate lace.

Every other day, use hair oil only on the length of your extensions. A pea size amount will do the trick. This will keep your hair extensions moisturized and keep it from breaking.


Try to wash your hair only once a week. Use a dry shampoo in between this time.


When washing your mesh integration system. Be gentle, you basically want to rinse of your  hair with a sulfate free shampoo and a good conditioner.

It is best to use your shower or hose that has a strong spray action as this will allow the shampoo to reach your scalp and also cleanse your scalp well.



You want to ensure that your natural hair underneath is dry. Use your blow dryer on low heat to dry in between the lace and the extensions. Never go to bed with your mesh system wet.

Once completely dry, style as desired.


If you have not already, please schedule your next maintenance. During your maintenance appointment we will either decide to remove and reinstall your system. This would depend on the amount of hair growth. Or, we may decide to move up and tighten your beading and any other loosening that may have occurred.

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